Leonardo Cruz, CEO of Frio Proyectos LLVC, tells us what his experience has been when using the RGC brand products, and tells us about the benefits it offers him and why he highly recommends the brand. Likewise, Michael Sánchez, supervisor of the company Inversiones Ramale, explains how the brand has provided him with the necessary cold chain to offer his clients quality meat products.

Juan Ribeiro, CEO of Refrigeración Comercial Andina, exposes his experience for more than five years with the brand, highlighting its quality, accessibility, and continuous improvement. In the same way, Carolina Angulo, operations manager of the Super Fresco supermarket chain, explains the benefits that using the RGC brand has brought her in the management of her refrigerated products.


Carlos Morales, the refrigeration technician of the company Mundo Frio Maracay, tells us what he is looking for when installing refrigeration equipment and highlights how the RGC brand has improved its work at the moment when carrying out its installations and above all the cost-benefit that it generates. the same. Alexander Amador, deputy manager of the Jireh market store, also comments on his experience and how the equipment has had an impact on the better quality of its refrigerated products, with a considerable improvement in energy efficiency.

José Ochoa, a refrigeration technician at Refrigeración Comercial Andina, tells us about his needs when installing refrigeration equipment and how important the quality and reliability that they provide are. NoS talks about his experience with the brand and the easy installation of his equipment. On the other hand, Walder Anderson, owner of Grande Mar Serrano, with more than 23 years of experience in the industry, tells us about his temperature needs when managing the distribution of fish, and what his experience has been with the brand RGC.